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Big Lou’s is a company that specializes in outside services, specifically dealing with trash and debris. We offer various services to help individuals, businesses, and communities with their waste management needs.

Trash and debris removal

After construction or renovation projects, Big Lou’s can handle the cleanup process. We will remove construction debris, discarded materials, and other waste, ensuring that the site is safe and ready for use.


Big Lou's can collect and remove trash from residential, commercial, and industrial areas. This service ensures that garbage is properly disposed of and helps maintain cleanliness in the surroundings

Demolition work

This involves the complete or partial removal of buildings, including residential houses, commercial structures, warehouses, or industrial facilities.

Material Hauling

Big Lou’s can transport various materials to and from your construction site or outside project. This can include hauling dirt, gravel, sand, rocks, mulch, or any other necessary materials.

Site work

Big Lou’s Outside Services has the equipment and expertise to handle excavation projects of all sizes. Whether it’s digging foundations for new construction, creating trenches for utility lines, or clearing land for landscaping, their team can efficiently complete excavation tasks.

Trash and Debris Removal

After completing a project, Big Lou's can assist with debris removal. We can haul away waste materials, construction debris, or any other unwanted items from your site, ensuring a clean and tidy space.

Material Hauling

Big Lou's may also offer a selection of landscaping supplies for your outside projects. This can include items such as plants, trees, soil, decorative rocks, and other landscaping materials.

Tree Cutting and Trimming

At Big Lou's, we specialize in providing exceptional tree cutting and trimming services. With a passion for nature and a commitment to quality, we are dedicated to keeping your outdoor spaces beautiful and well-maintained.

Demolition work

Whether it's a small house, a commercial building, or an industrial facility, Big Lou's can demolish structures of all sizes. We carefully plan and execute the demolition process, minimizing the impact on surrounding areas and ensuring safe debris removal.

Site work

Proper grading and leveling are crucial for creating a stable foundation for any outside project. Big Lou's offers grading services to ensure that the land is even, smooth, and properly sloped to facilitate proper drainage and prevent erosion.

Clearing land

Big Lou's Outside Service specializes in land clearing and offers a range of services related to clearing land for various purposes. Whether you need land cleared for construction, agriculture, landscaping, or any other reason, Big Lou's is here to help. Our team is experienced in handling land clearing projects of all sizes, from small residential lots to large commercial properties.

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